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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address commonly asked questions about gas safety and maintenance, such as how to detect a gas leak, what to do if you smell gas, and how to maintain gas appliances and systems.

Whether you are a homeowner, a tenant, or simply someone who is interested in gas safety, this section is designed to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about the use and maintenance of gas in your home and workplace. So, whether you have a specific question or simply want to learn more about gas safety, we invite you to read on and discover all you need to know.

If you have any additional questions, please give us a call.
What is a CoC?
A certificate of compliance (CoC) is a certificate signed by a registered gas installer that certifies the gas installation / inspection was done by a registered gas installer and that the installation is compliant to the current gas regulations (SANS 10087-1 2013).
Why do you need a CoC?
To ensure that your gas installation was done according to the current gas regulations and is safe for use.
In the event that you submit a claim to your insurance, the insurance and other parties will require you to produce a valid certificate.
Not having a valid certificate of compliance may result in the insurance companies declining your claim.
When must a CoC be issued?
A certificate of compliance must be issued for a permanent installation upon:
  • Completion of a new gas installation
  • After any new gas appliance(s) was added to the existing gas line or modifications / maintenance were done to an existing gas line
  • When selling a property with an existing gas installation
What is a permanent gas installation?
A gas installation that is a fixture in a building and is not able to be moved, such as:
  • Fitted gas fire place’s
  • Fitted gas braai’s
  • Fitted gas stoves and hob’s
  • Fitted gas oven’s
  • Fitted gas water heater’s (gas geyser’s)
Therefore, a moveable appliance such as a gas heater or braai that is temporary and can be moved does not require a CoC.
How long is a CoC valid?
A CoC does not expire, however a new CoC must be issued when the following occurs:
  • When any changes have been made to the installation
  • When any maintenance has been done on an installation
  • When the property is being sold
How often must a gas installation be serviced?
It should be inspected and serviced every 5 years.
Can a gas cylinder be installed inside a house?
  • Yes, in an apartment you are allowed 1 x 9kg gas cylinder permanently installed inside a cupboard.
  • In a free-standing house not exceeding 2 storeys you are allowed 1 x 9kg gas cylinder installed inside the house (Western Cape)
Where can a gas cylinder be installed outside?
  • Under no circumstances in a garage (motor home)
  • 1 meter from windows and doors
  • 2 meters from drains (gully’s) or air vents
  • No less than 3 meters below a window(s) unless a non-combustible cage or canopy is installed between the bottom of the window(s) and the gas cylinder.
  • 1 meter from property boundary wall unless it is a fire wall (Double brick wall 1,8 meter in height and there is no ventilation gaps or holes in the wall)
  • 5 meters away from an electrical source such as a plug, socket, or electrical motor / pool pump / aircon, etc.
What do I do if I suspect a gas leak?
  • Shut off emergency shut off valve by the gas cylinder and/or the shut off at the appliance/appliances.
  • Open all windows and doors and move the gas cylinder outside.
  • Contact our offices for assistance or a call out.
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